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ZB Capital

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Over the last 18 years ZB Capital has acquired over 30 assets targeting the Los Angeles and New York City real estate markets.  ZB brings over four decades of commercial real estate experience investing in real estate across all asset classes.

The Company focuses on acquiring transitional properties and adding value through capital improvements, changing uses, upgrading credit, reducing vacancy, or utilizing air rights. In most cases, the Company intends to stabilize assets and create value in the short term but hold properties for the long term, generating strong risk-adjusted yields and significant capital appreciation.


Prior to 2015, the Company targeted the Los Angeles submarket where they saw opportunity in various asset classes. Since 2015, the Company has shifted its attention to Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs with a focus on boutique office in the boroughs. Since 2015, the Company has acquired six (6) value-add transactions comprising over $120M of project costs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Five out of seven of these transactions have already been fully stabilized with permanent financing in place.

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